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Automotive Locksmith Service in New York

Being locked out of your vehicle never happens at a convenient time. You need a reliable local locksmith service that can be on location fast, regardless of the time or the weather. Our operators can dispatch a locksmith technician to your location anywhere in New York City, at any time; day or night. Our professional technicians will arrive fully prepared to assist you with any of your automotive locksmithing needs. We service all makes and models of cars, trucks or vans.

We can provide any of the following services, either by appointment or as an emergency service:

  • Unlocking of vehicles
  • Removal of broken keys from the ignition or door lock
  • Key duplication
  • Opening of locked trunks
  • Locking mechanism repairs

As tempting as it may be, you should never attempt amateur repairs or lock picking on your vehicle. Most modern vehicles are equipped with anti-theft devices and safeguards that will prevent these techniques from being effective. Due to the addition of internal baffles in the automobile door frame, even the old “tried and true” method of using a coat hanger is usually ineffective on a modern vehicle.

There is a significant risk of causing damage to your vehicle if proper procedures are not followed. Modern vehicle locks and access control devices are complex mechanisms than can be damaged beyond repair by untrained individuals. In fact, security devices are specifically designed to prevent these types of unskilled entry. Do not risk damage to the physical security devices on your automobile.

Our operators are available 24/7 to dispatch a technician to your location and after they arrive on the scene, they can have you back on the road in a matter of minutes. Our services are extremely affordable and best of all we can perform these services without damaging your vehicle.

Always keep the telephone number for your local locksmith service available at all times. Place our number in your wallet or purse and add our telephone number to the contact list in your cell phone. You never want help to be more than a phone call away. Call Automotive Locksmith Service in New York City today to schedule an appointment or to have a technician immediately dispatched to your location.

Call Us: (917) 336-0393